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Service Times During Covid-19 Regulations

Under the current Covid-19 rules, services at St Peter's will follow this pattern:



0800 Mass

1030 Mass with Music



1155 - 1300 The Angelus followed by Private Prayer



1000 Mass (During Lent this will be replaced by a Station Mass)



Masks are currently required by law in any indoor public setting from the 21st July and, in the setting of worship, in any group where more than 50 people are present.  My recommendation is however, that people wear masks regardless of how many are at Sunday worship, so that we provide a consistent approach.  Masks should remain in place for the whole of the service, including congregational singing.  Distancing, is still recommended, with a minimum of 1m apart.

The serving of refreshments after the service should be stopped.

Hand sanitizers should remain in use and people encouraged to use them and they should be available at various points in the Church.

Continue to use one-way systems for movement around the Church wherever possible and keep churches ventilated wherever possible.

Communion should only in one kind: the bread. 

Continue to use track and tracing.

Clergy when using a microphone are allowed to remove their mask indoors when speaking to the Congregation, as long as the Congregation is more that 2m away from them”.

For these reasons, Do please book ahead.

You can book either by email at or by a message on The Rectory answer phone on 481805. See Easy Booking Form on the last page of the Parish Church Newsletter.

If you don’t manage to get a seat please watch the service on YouTube once it is uploaded on Sun or Mon.  Search St Peter’s Church Jersey on


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