Meet the Team




St Peter's is currently in an Interregnum following the retirement of Father Michael.

We hope to have a new Rector in post by the end of the summer



Verger & Sexton

Oliver Michael

Oliver and his family came to Jersey in 2003 after his wife Sarah was offered employment with H&SS. With their 2 children Amber and Archie, they soon settled into Island life.

Originally from Kent, Oliver worked in the printing and design industry for 20 years, and spent 5 years managing the in-house print plant for the local authority,responsible for the production and procurement of all the authority’s print requirements.

Very shortly after their arrival in Jersey, Oliver was appointed as Verger at The Town Church, he was there for 4 years before taking up the same position here at St Peters. While at St Peters, Oliver has undertaken ‘The Church of England Guild of Vergers Training Course’ and successfully completed the Foundation Unit.


Church Officers

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Churchwardens: Christine Coen & Doreen Schofield - Fost

Almoner: Mary Killmister

Treasurer: Howard Buesnel