Lent 5

Passion Sunday (Lent 5): 18 Mar 2018

0800 Mass; 1030 Sung Mass; 1800 Evensong


A warm welcome to those visiting and worshipping with us, for the first time today: Do stay for coffee after either of the morning services.

 If you need to contact The Rector of St Peter, Father Michael Phillips, his contact details are: 01534-481805, The Rectory, La Rue du Presbytere, St Peter.  JE3 7ZH

Father Michael’s email: rector@stpeterschurch.org.je


On Duty at 1030:







Coffee in Church

18 – Passion Sunday

Mary Killmister

Pat Harrison

Oliver Michael

Father Michael

Gerald Harrison

No Flowers in Lent

Janet Finnerty, Margaret

Renouf and Jasmine Herve


25 – Palm Sunday

Christine Coen

Rae Phillips

Rose Pallot

Father Michael

Oliver Michael

No Flowers in Lent

Nora and Barry Queree,



THE REST OF THE WEEK plus Next Sunday ( 19  – 25 Mar):

Mon 19 0850 Assembly at St George’s School

0955 Assembly at St Peter’s School

1315 Visit of Yr 3 of St Peter’s School to St Peter’s Church

1400 Visit of Yr 4 of St Peter’s School to St Peter’s Church

Tue 20 0930 Visit of Reception of St Peter’s School to St Peter’s Church

1130 Mass at Lakeside

1315 Visit of Yr 5 of St Peter’s School to St Peter’s Church

1400 Visit of Yr 6 of St Peter’s School to St Peter’s Church

1600 Burial of Ashes of Ernest Gilley RIP in the Churchyard

Wed 21 1000 Stations of the Cross, ending with Holy Communion

1130 Visit of Yr 1 of St Peter’s School to St Peter’s Church (Pt 1)

Thu 22 1045 Visit of Yr 1 of St Peter’s School to St Peter’s Church (Pt 2)

1115 Visit of Yr 2 of St Peter’s School to St Peter’s Church

1400 Church Officers’ Meeting at the Resctory

Fri 23 0900 Meeting with RE Teacher of St Peter’s School

1200 Funeral of David Bonny RIP in St Peter’s Church

1315 Cremation Service of David Bonny RIP

1430 Funeral of Trevor Bartlett RIP at Crematorium


0800 Mass

1030 Sung Mass begins at Manor Farm with Blessing of Palm Crosses and Procession from the Farm to the Church, which is to remember the last journey of Christ from Jericho to Jerusalem: upon arrival at the church we all take part in the Narrative of the Passion

1800 Evensong

PRAYER LIST: Bob Amy; Dominic Bisson; Suzette Bradshaw; Betty & David; Ed Churchill; Emma; Jean Clapham; Myra Laffoley; Matthew Gardiner; Bill Harrison; Peggy Harrison; Daniel Harvey; Madeleine Harvey; Janice; Ken Jesson; Tony Keogh; Barry Lane; Vanessa Le Main; Doreen Mauger; Pauline Marriot; Barbara Oven; Colin Powell; Linda Prosser; Richard; Kim Royal; Daniel Speck; Andrew Spencer; Charlotte Stevens; Jeff Williams.

RIP: Trevor Bartlett; David Bonny; Ernest Gilley


R.E. Week at St Peter’s School & St Peter’s Church

As you may have gathered it is RE Week at the Village School and our Church!  

As well as taking Assembly there, I will also be welcoming and leading a session about the events of Holy Week and Easter, with each Year group, as they visit the Church.  Then in Holy Week itself, having learned about it all this week, the School will come to Church for a ‘Holy Week and Easter Service’ on Wed 28 Mar at 1000.  

I am thrilled and excited about the whole event: hope you are too!



Stations of the Cross at 1000 on Wednesdays during Lent

Throughout Lent, STATIONS OF THE CROSS ending with Holy Communion from the Reserved Sacrament, will take place in St Peter’s on Wednesdays at 1000, beginning on 21 Feb.  The last service will now be on 21 Mar.  

The service enables us to come near to the great love of Christ for us, his people, by the congregation moving gently around the church, stopping at each picture, to reflect on what is happening in it, and to pray to God.  The whole service will take about 30/35 minutes.  Afterwards there will be coffee.

If you have never been before, do come and see what it is like.  One thing is certain: it will bring you nearer to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.



SEDER SUPPER on MAUNDY THURSDAY 29 Mar 2018 at 1800 in Church

Rae is going to cook the Roast Lamb for this meal, together with all the food that goes with it: we will re-enact the Passover meal that Jesus and his disciples met to celebrate in the upper room, on the night before his death. The meal is a happy occasion as we as friends, share this food together.  As the meal goes on there are, at various points, certain readings and prayers which are said, which will deepen our understanding and appreciation of that original occasion, but also of our own Christian Communion Service, which grew out of the Passover meal, and which we will also then share together.  After all this is warmly celebrated the tone changes, for those who wish to stay and take part in ‘The Watch’ in the Lady Chapel, as we sit or kneel in silence before the Blessed Sacrament on the altar beautifully surrounded by flowers, reminding us of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. The Watch ends at 2100. 

 Please ask Fr Michael for the Booking Form.

For catering purposes, please indicate on the form how many from your family will be coming, to this ‘first’ for St Peter’s Church!  

Forms need to be in to Father Michael or Rae, by or on Palm Sunday. Thank you.



St Peter’s is once again able to supply Easter Lilies in remembrance of a loved one(s).   The names will be included in the Book of Remembrance.  The cost is £3.00 per stem.   The Lilies are used to decorate around the Church on Easter Day.  Please place the name of loved ones on the slips provided, together with the money in the envelopes provided and place in the basket alongside.  Today, is the last day for ordering lilies in remembrance of a loved ones for Easter.  Kind regards.  Mary


100 CLUB 2018

Sign-up sheet is at the back of Church.   Tickets are £12 and can be purchase in multiples thereof – remember the more tickets you buy, the more chances you have of winning.   The draw will take place 12 times during the year and on each occasion there are three prizes, first £30, second £20, and third £10.    Please make cheques payable to St Peter’s Parish Church and hand to Mary Killmister.


ST PETERTIDE WEEKEND: 29 June - 1 July 2018

We have been contacted by Colin Le Marquand who advises that the St Peter’s Youth Club are planning to put on a fete on St. Peter’s Day weekend.   He has asked is there anyone in the congregation who wishes, on behalf of the Church, would set up and man a stall, eg selling teas and coffees – or whatever the is felt appropriate, having first consulted with Father Michael.  


Children's Society Collection Boxes.

‘Last call’ for Boxes to be handed in please!  They can be left with Pat Le Breton, Oliver or a church warden if they are not at the a service.   Many thanks.

Pilgrimage-Retreat to Walsingham 19-22 Oct 2018

After the success of last year’s pilgrimage, the first ever from Anglican Churches in Jersey, St Luke’s and St Peter’s are intending to go again in Oct.  If you would like to come, please fill in an ‘Expression of Interest’ form, or give your name to Father Michael, who will be leading the Pilgrimage-Retreat with Father Nick Barry, the Vicar of St Luke’s.  Never been on a retreat or Pilgrimage?  Here’s your chance to find out more!

Forms need to be in to Father Michael at the latest, by or on Palm Sunday. Thank you 


New St Peter’s Church Website: www.stpeterschurch.org.je

Building on the experience and work of the past, the new Website is now operational and full of interesting features and news, it will include this Pew Sheet each week!  There is a daily/weekly calendar of services and events, and also one for the whole year.  In addition, you can link to Church Face-Book site, the Church of England Daily Prayer Pages which will help with your spiritual life and a seasonal message from me as your Rector.

Do have a look and please tell your friends about it too!  Enjoy!


‘Dementia Awareness’ Sunday at St Peter’s Church:

15 April 2018

This is a St Peter’s Church event, not a national one.  On that day Michala from Jersey Alzheimer’s Association, will talk to us all in the 1030 Service about this subject. It will replace the Sermon, so the service will be the same length as usual.  Then whilst most of the congregation have coffee in the usual way, Michala will give a talk for 15/20mins to all the ‘Church Welcomers’ in the Lady Chapel, on particular aspects of their work in relation to this subject.

We look forward to Michala’s visit.